April 25, 2018
It is true that Donald Kerry Frey has always possessed a strong passion for information and how the right information can shape and mold a society. He has always tried to better understand just how information can be deployed in a way that makes everyone smarter and more knowledgeable, in part because knowledgeable people are less stressed out and more likely to be friendly and easier to get along with. In fact, it was the current state of information consumption and its tendency to pit people against each other that led Donald Kerry Frey to start the news site Nova Tribune, at novatribune.org, some time ago.

His goal with the Nova Tribune site was to provide news consumers with an alternative to the traditional news media, which seemed to approach news reporting from either one ideological viewpoint or another. The purpose of Nova Tribune is and always has been to present news and current events from all perspectives, representing all sides of any argument.

Donald Kerry Frey strongly believes that information presented the right way by people who know what it means makes everyone in every society better. That is why he set up his budding media empire in the first place. Based on Donald’s impressive tech background, it is more than possible he possesses both the knowledge and the resources to make sure Nova Tribune is successful. Donald feels he has created dependable information sources that will be around for the future he envisions.